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[anps_cta_large title=”THE LUXURY YOU DESIRVE” subtitle=”WE BRING TO THE TABLE” bg_pos=”top” fg_pos=”bottom” url=”#” button_text=”BOOK NOW” button_type=”btn-normal” bg_image=”2172″ fg_image=”2166″]Let us spoil you and bring the joy of your ride. Either for your business or plesior, wedding day or that special love in your life, we take care of it all. Top cars for every occasion with full service and the best staff.[/anps_cta_large]
[icon icon=”fa fa-briefcase” position=”icon-center” title=”BUSINESS CLASS” url=”http://anpsthemes.com/limorent/demo-1/business-class/”]We offer a full service from a to z, top quality service with spot on staff. Do try us and you will not be sorry.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-gift” position=”icon-center” title=”BIRTHDAYS” url=”http://anpsthemes.com/limorent/demo-1/birthdays/”]The one day you matter. Spoil yourself with a special ride and party along the way to it.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-diamond” position=”icon-center” title=”WEDDINGS” url=”http://anpsthemes.com/limorent/demo-1/weddings/”]The day that matters. Let us mark it as a special day to remember forever. Try us now[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-heart” position=”icon-center” title=”PROMS” url=”http://anpsthemes.com/limorent/demo-1/proms/”]The one day you need to shine and impress. Remember and be remember, do it in style.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-plane” position=”icon-center” title=”AIRPORT TRANSPORT” url=”http://anpsthemes.com/limorent/demo-1/airport-transport/”]Either the tight time frame or just a relaxing ride to your destination, we do it all with class.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-glass” position=”icon-center” title=”PARTIES” url=”http://anpsthemes.com/limorent/demo-1/parties/”]Wohooo, the crazy night is here. Let us take care the road stops and goes. You let loose we keep you safe.[/icon]